Consent law in Queensland

These laws are outdated

The ‘mistake of fact’ defence in Queensland has horrific consequences for survivors of rape and sexual assault who try to access justice. Help us get this issue referred to the law reform commission.

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The Research

This website includes a comprehensive study of recent cases where the ‘mistake of fact’ defence has been used, and each one is summarised in plain English for you to read and understand. They are separated into four categories where relevant issues feature: intoxication, the freeze, mental incapacity, and language barriers. If you want to read the full judgments yourself, we’ve included hyperlinks to where these are available.

Our goal is to make this complex legal issue clear to non-lawyers. If you’re affected by a law, you have the right to understand it and fight for its improvement.


Get Involved

We know the Queensland government is aware of this issue, they just need to be convinced that enough people care! Head over to this part of the site for a list of email addresses, phone numbers, and postal addresses. You can tell the Attorney-General, the Minister for Women, and your local MP that this issue is important to you. It helps.