UPDATE: Here’s the story that broke on 9 July about our success!

This issue isn’t new. Individuals and groups have been begging the Queensland government to take action for years. Here are a few of the articles ABC News has published about this issue:

The Drum also ran a two-part special on sexual assault (Australia-wide) in November 2018 in which Bri specifically spoke about Queensland’s unique issues. It can be viewed here and an ABC News article summarising the two episodes is available to read here.


coverage by jonathan

Jonathan has written about this issue for The Guardian in the following article: Consent is not a ‘romance killer’. The mistake of fact defence for rape needs to go.

the new york times

The New York Times reported on these issues, interviewing Bri Lee and others for their article: Seeking a Fair Trial and a Voice in Sexual Assault Cases. For Victims.


If you are a journalist and would like to cover this issue, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Bri at: bri.lee.writer[at] or Jonathan at: jcrowe[at]